Come fare il “Beef Carpaccio with” Gennaro Contaldo

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As part of’s Amalfi cookbook series Italian. Il “food legend” Gennaro Contaldo ci mostra come fare il perfetto carpaccio di carne.

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Emma says:

People in the comments talking about 'unsanitary' bs need to get a grip. You'll miss out on some of the greatest food in the world if your constantly worrying about it being 'unsanitary'. If it doesn't kill or hurt you it's good to eat, damn!!

Shibon Skaria says:

Don Gennaro…Ti Salut

mtregi says:

Beat your meat

Stephan Reichelt says:

"here beyond me: 🙂

Dino Lonardi says:

Complimenti dalla Valpolicella!

jenia duda says:

Carpaccio by tony soprano 😅

Keithon Ng says:

when the lemon 🍋 hit the meat. its already safe I think

chubby cake says:

lemons cooks meat and fish .the meat is thin and cooks meat.

hiotakshe says:

what i normally do cling wrapped it to the shape of a sausage and use a deli slicer to slice, defrost it at the mouth of a hot oven very carefully

Rebel Wolf says:

there is no difference between this raw meat and eating a rare, or medium rare steak

AlexsGuitar98 says:

5:38 I use potato peeler. cracked me up

Muhammad Alrez says:

when i see this man, i just remember don altobello from godfather lol

itube0047 says:

He is like an Italian mix of Zorba the Greek and Borat

Brian Ahn says:

this is not okay.. he used same knife to cut raw meat, salads and lemon.. he didn't even wash his hands after touching raw meat then he handled salad and parmasan.. unbelievable.. imagine if somebody used the cheese after few days. another thing is he is making cooking video to show and teach people how to cook.. he needs to be careful.. people may learn from him.

AheadClover says:

i like me some raw meat

Emily Dufty says:

I would follow this channel for Gennaro alone. Gorgeous food, amazing man. I wish he had his own channel

Jake S says:

I like raw meat….

But.. do you really have to use such an expensive filet? 1kg is like 40-50 euroes

Diego Cabezas García says:

Love your style gennaro !!

Kams Kill says:

All i remember from this video is "FANTASTIC"

Aleyamma Mathew says:

Raw beef no good

Xzetzplin says:

How many times did he say fantastic?

Maycon Barreto says:

É um Bom Rapaz !

Bobby Blaze says:

Assagia ste olive,queste so Grece Ao..E namo so' Grece !

End Boss Eleven says:

Gordon does not approve and that thing will go straight in the bin

Lê Trọng Triết says:

This is the 4th time for the video. Still loving it like 1st time. 😀

Çağlar Nebol says:

People who tend to eat raw meat a lot are actually increasing their "stomach" cancer risk. ln Japan, stomach cancer is one of the most common cancer type and many oncologist (like myself) says that it is due to eating raw.

Ralph Ades says:

"Now, I want a little bit of lemon."
squeezes out entire lemon

joyadur choudhury says:

FUNTUSTIC…. jus hope there aren’t any TapeWorm eggs in that meat.

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