Recipe: Beef Carpaccio

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Anna from the River Cafe shows us how to make this simple starter, Beef Carpaccio.

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klefdnb says:

I love you Anna Tobias!

simont1 says:

That's closer to 25 grams of rocket than 100..

corytrapper says:

Isn't there a danger in eating raw meat?

Carlos Gil says:

Loved it thank you so much!

Kyrillos Papadopoulos says:

Its a simple but wonderful recipe! I loved it! BRAVO!

Jack Sin says:

yum, raw beef. i love bacteria in my stomach.

Shachar Libster says:

where is the Balsamic vinegar?!?!

Joseph Ventrice says:

Hello 👋 Chef. I like to pit the filet in the freezer wrapped tight in plastic wrap. remove. wrap and slice. makes life alot easier

ThePictoucounty says:

make sure to discard the cooked bit, folks, that's not good to eat

Tab 4 Tab 4 says:

афигенное блюдо

Nigel Andrews says:

More videos please

Eddie van limgen says:

Italian  (authentic) carpaccio is served raw and not cooked.

Roman Alexander says:

How on earth is eating raw meat good for you

Mohamed bouya says:

Fucking raw meat…u need to think about your dish again

José Manuel López Pinto says:

Wonderful  Chef…

chef heru says:


Angiris Malthael says:

raw or cooked, i'll definitely eat that

James Pawson says:

I never heard of this dish.. I want some!

Milad Sayad says:

Maybe a stupid question: but is raw meat not healthy for you??

ъ Кастусь says:

You spoiled this dish, what a shame …

Orcan Gunay says:

Chef , will you marry me ?! 💍
Ps: not kidding

Sarthak Ghimire says:

I like this video slightish

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